Decision Architecture Root Cause Analysis - Facilitators Guide

To discover and unearth the core underlining issues for a problem or activity, Root Cause Analysis is our preferred technique. Through a set of exploratory questioning, the facilitator will be able to dig into the reasons behind an unlinking issue until they find the root issue. This is a guide to assist in the facilitation of root cause analysis with a focus on Decision Architecture.

Decision Architecture Category Tree - Facilitators Guide

One of the first tasks in the Decision Architecture methodology is to understand the scope of the various analytics that are performed. A Category Tree is a grouping of like questions and decisions that are fit into a business context. It is a hierarchical structure that provides the subjects or topics that the manager will want to analyze codified into the Inform > Diagnose > Action> Measure framework. This is a guide to facilitating the discovery process of a Category Tree.

Enable Template Enhancement Log

Within the Agile Analytics framework, it is important to keep track of upcoming enhancements to the analytical solution. The log serves as a repository for upcoming request that can be prioritized to provide direction to the development team. The attached file is a template enhancement log.

Enable Template Issue Log

Maintaining an issues log is one of the most important components of Agile Analytics. As with any well run project, communication around any issues or risks is a necessity to ensure the development team is aware of the issue and that it is tracked until resolution. Attached is a baseline template for tracking issues.

Business Lever Framework

Business levers are a common thread throughout the Decision Architecture Methodology. It links your business objectives, to your decisions / actions, to the monetization strategy. Developing the business lever framework for your area will be important exercise. Attached is a template you can leverage as a starting point for your framework.


The business metrics you use in your solution can vary based on your company and department. Attached is a set of metrics that can service as a starting point that you can leverage for your analytical solution.

Basic Chart Types

Chart Type Overview.